8 ways to workout with your kids

One of the struggles that all families will understand is this: how do I stay fit and active now that I have kids??  I look at my younger colleagues, those in their 20s and 30s who are just getting their own condos or just getting married.  I scroll through their Instagram posts and see them doing their cardio at 6am, and I’m like “good for you!”.  I definitely remember those days…vaguely…

But!  For those of us who have reached the next stage in life, the one where you can’t get up at 6am for cardio because the law frowns upon leaving children home alone, there are ways to get around the change in schedule.

Here are my top 10 ways to workout with (or at least around) your kids:

  1. Jogging Stroller
    • Perfect for newborns!  They love the stroller, and the fresh air, and you can slowly work your way up to running (try walking from one telephone pole to the next, then jogging to the next, etc.)
  2. Bike  Trailer
    • This is basically the same idea as the jogging stroller, but now you can fit 2 kids in!
  3. Calisthenics at the park
    • Looks kinda goofy, but it works!  While the kids are swigging, you could be sitting on the bench checking Facebook, or you can do some pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks…you get the idea.
  4. Swimming
    • If they are young, lifejackets are key here.  You don’t need to swim laps either.  Try treading water – it’s amazing how good of a leg workout it is.
  5. Tabata workout
    • This is an easy one.  Give your kids the timer on your smartphone or tablet and have them tell you when to go or stop.  20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  You can find tons of tabata workouts online to follow as well, or have the kids make one up for you.  Trust me, they will be the toughest trainers you’ve ever had!
  6. Soccer
    • The kids will think you are great for playing soccer with them, and you will get in some killer cardio.
  7. “Races”
    • Interval training anyone?  I thought so.
  8. Bike riding
    • Clearly this one is for older kids, but let me tell you, when I was teaching my 5 year old how to ride her bike this summer, I was exhausted from running behind her.

6 thoughts on “8 ways to workout with your kids

  1. Great list! #5 is my favourite as my son likes to be involved in whatever it is I’m doing. It also gives him a few minutes to be the boss 🙂 Although, let’s be honest. Who am I fooling.


  2. Awesome tips. I was a stroller mom myself and would go on hour long power walks twice a day, weather (and sometimes) even weather not… permitting! Obviously it was a guaranteed nap for the babe but more importantly it was a combo of great exercise, fresh air and “me” time . time to think, reflect… and take stock just a little bit.

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  3. Great ideas. And you are teaching your kids how important it is to always be active. Modelling health and fitness, even for mom, is an important lesson.


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